Home School Gymnastics

This class is for home schooled students ONLY!

This class is to provide the home schooled student with Beginning to Intermediate gymnastic, trampoline & tumbling or flipfest fundamentals, progressive concepts, along with building stronger muscles, and general physical activities. The student must be of school age (5 or above). Students will be broken up into groups by the coaching staff (45 minutes).

Session Dates

Session A

Sept. 3 – Oct. 31

No Classes:  Oct. 31

Session C

Jan. 21 – Mar 19

Session B

Nov. 5 – Jan. 16

No classes:  Nov. 26 & 28, Dec. 24,26, 31

Session D

March 24 – May 21

No Classes: March 31 & April 2

Class Times

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

 Girls Gymnastics

12:15p – 1:00p

3:45p – 4:30p

Girls Gymnastics
11:30p – 12:15p

 Trampoline & Tumbling

3:45p – 4:30p

Trampoline & Tumbling

11:30p – 12:15p
Current Session Pricing
Pay in Full
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