Home School Gymnastics

This class is for home schooled students ONLY!

This class is to provide the home schooled student with Beginning to Intermediate gymnastic, trampoline & tumbling or flipfest fundamentals, progressive concepts, along with building stronger muscles, and general physical activities. The student must be of school age. However, they may be 4 if enrolling with a sibling. Students will be broken up into groups by the coaching staff (45 minutes).

Session Dates
Session A
September 6 – November 3
(No Class: Nov 22, Nov 24)
Session C
January 31 – March 30
(No Class Dec 29, Jan 3)
Session B
November 8 – January 26
(No Class: Dec 22, Dec 27)
Session D
April 4 – June 1
(No Class: Mar 28, Mar 30)
CURRENT SESSION: Session D Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
12:00 pm
 Flip Fest
12:00 pm
 Trampoline & Tumbling
12:00 pm
12:00 pm
Current Session Pricing
Pay in Full