Trampoline & Tumbling Team


Trampoline & Tumbling competes on three events: rod floor, trampoline, and double mini. Please view the following links of T&T competition at the elite level:
Rod Floor: (youtube clip)
Trampoline: (youtube clip)
Double Mini: (youtube clip)

For questions about the Trampoline & Tumbling team,please call 810.632.7222 ex.2 .

T&T Pre-team

The Trampoline & Tumbling pre-team is a practice only program (does not compete) that is designed to help build basic skills across all three T&T events. Gymnasts here will be invited to join the T&T team for competitions after a year of training.

T&T Team

Gymnasts on the Trampoline & Tumbling team will progress through a series of levels across the double mini, trampoline, and rod floor. They will compete in competitions under USTA.

Team Mission Statement

Our mission is to train each individual to their fullest potential with the utmost concern and care for each child’s physical safety and l and national competition.

Coaching Beliefs

We ascribe to the philosophy of the American Coaching Education Program: Athletes First, Winning Second. Coaches’ preparation and on-floor coaching is based first on what we judge is best for your child, and second on what we believe may improve your child’s (or our team’s) chance of winning.

Journey, not Destination

The road our athletes travel down is the experience that brings them to the destination. When the eye is only on the destination, we never enjoy the road we’re standing on! This is why it is our intention to do our best, train our best, and compete our best. Trophies and titles are by-products of our efforts, not the reason for our efforts.

T&T Team Head Coach:

Candi Brusseau